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Origin Labo 240sx S15 (RAIJIN) Front Bumper

Origin Labo 240sx S15 (RAIJIN) Front Bumper

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This Origin Labo 240sx S15 (RAIJIN) front bumper is brand new from Origin Labo Japan

This item only includes the front bumper. 

FRP material, white gel coating 

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Founded in 2022 by Garrett Yeager, JDM-Connect LLC was built around a passion for Japanese cars and helping enthusiasts’ source and import parts and cars affordably from Japan. We are a family owned, veteran-founded business operated by passionate car enthusiasts who are ready to help you. Through our part-acquisition service and specialty part store located in Texas and online, we are your Japanese automotive connection. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the acronym “JDM” stand for and what does it mean?

Through the Fast & Furious movies and video games such as Gran Turismo, an undying love for the Japanese car culture developed in the United States. But what exactly is JDM and where does our business fit into the Japanese car culture? The term “JDM” is often used by car enthusiasts when referring to Japanese cars. JDM stands for Japanese Domestic Market, meaning the vehicle or part is destined for the Japanese market and it is built for and meets all the Japanese requirements. To have a true JDM car in the United States, then it would need to be imported from Japan and be at least 25 years of age. A service that we provide. JDM inspired refers to cars that was not necessarily imported from Japan, but was modified with a Japanese inspiration and or has JDM imported parts on it. When it comes to modifying true JDM imported cars, it is important to make sure that the aftermarket parts added to the vehicle are from Japan. Through our part- acquisition service this is possible. This way, the vehicle stays true to its purely Japanese origins without being tainted by parts from other countries. Having a true imported JDM car with access to JDM parts is an achievable with the help of JDM-Connect…. your Japanese automotive connection!

How long does shipping parts and cars from Japan take?

We have built a network of partners to offer you a seamless automotive import service from Japan.. Your part and or car will typically be shipped in our container from Japan to provide affordable and safe shipping. Our containers don't leave Japan until they are completely full; and the time to fill one of our containers is unknown. However, we usually ship multiple containers a year, and we have room for your car or parts (big or small)! Trust us to handle your JDM parts or car import from start to finish, with reliable hassle-free service. 

How does the customs clearance work for a car or part?

Navigating customs clearance can be a challenging and scary process, but our team of experts is here to do it for you! We are familiar with the regulations and requirements of both Japan and the United States and can ensure that your imports clear customs smoothly. Through our car import and part- acquisition services, We will pay for and take care of the paperwork and process, leaving you free to focus on your JDM car project or business!