About JDM-Connect

Our Story

Founded in 2022 by Garrett Yeager, JDM-Connect LLC was built around a passion for Japanese cars and helping enthusiasts’ source and import parts and cars affordably from Japan. We are a family owned, veteran- founded business operated by passionate car enthusiasts who are ready to help you. Through our part- acquisition service and specialty part store located in Texas and online, we are your Japanese automotive connection. 

“I fell in love with Japanese cars at a young age by watching fast in the furious and playing Need for Speed Underground on my PS2. My passion for not only Japanese cars, but the culture grew when I lived and was based in Japan for 4 years while serving our country in the Navy. After starting my own JDM car project, a S13 240SX (aka “The Possum”), I realized the need for sourcing parts from Japan.” - Garrett